"For the Love of Music, the Art of Sound and the Pursuit of Sonic Perfection."

Architectural Integration

At Clarity, we believe in the nuances of room acoustics. But we also understand that Design & Aesthetics play a crucial role to the overall quality of the room. In building new homes or offices, retro-fitting or renovating existing ones, Clarity works closely with partners: Architects, Interior Designers, and Contractors & Suppliers.


Homeowners will be at eased that their homes will be completed in a smooth and orderly process; our working partners will be pleased that Clarity's equipment is integrated and/or concealed within their design/work parameters.

Every home has its set of challenges, and Clarity has evolved from a modest audiovisual outfit, to a reputed industry leader in the bespoke home cinema and full-fledged lifestyle technology that is shaping businesses and lives today. In short, Clarity has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and luxury. 


Our services include but are not limited to:

High Performance Audio

Whole House Audio / Visual Distribution

Bespoke Home Cinema

SMART Automation and Control System


Acoustic Design


Integration with Existing Partners

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