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Wireless Internet Access is a key requirement for homeowners. Subscription to a broadband plan with your local Telco is only the first step to getting a Stable, Undisrupted, and High-Speed Internet access.

Every home is built differently; home owners have different requirement on the WiFi coverage within the house (e.g. allocation of speed to home servers, security, or streaming devices). It is more than just having WiFi in the house — we are want a seamless integration for all our network-connected devices so that there is minimum disruption.


The cost of setting up an Enterprise WiFI System has gone down; all it takes is a home survey, allocation of Wireless Access Point (AP) where there is weak WiFi signal, and the configuration of some basic network settings — for optimal 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz performance.

Clarity stays connected; we use UBIQUITI Enterprise Network to address the key issues customers face these days — secured, stable, and cost effective network systems. Who wants a sudden lag when surfing the web browser or watching a YouTube video. These technical troubleshooting (the most basic remedy: power cycle aka turning of and on the router) can be solved by using Enterprise Grade WiFi Systems.


The cost? Lower than a SMART TV. Think about it. You spend your time watching your favourite movies and TV dramas and you will invest in a TV that gives you good visual display. Likewise, when you invest in an Enterprise WiFi System, your Internet subscription is optimized and you are assured of high-performance wireless network. No more audio and video lag when streaming.

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